28 Aug 2010

Back to business

Well, its finally Saturday, after a week full of work and with practically no rest, I spent my Saturday watching TV. It's awesome having your favourite TV shows stored on your hard drive, and watching them at any time, with no ads, or pauses or anything.
Anyway, even though I'm really happy for what I do, either at school, or at my place, there's this void that I can't fill with anything. That void is the empty space that she left when she went away for her studies. I support her by any means possible, but it's hard to shift from seeing her every day, to just once or twice every month. I love her, more than I miss her... and that's a lot if you ask me.
Back to something more pleasant. I finally hooked someone to buy my car, so, this Sunday I'll be 10,000 MXP (less poor) richer than today. I already have something in mind for such money, and I think it'll be great, for two main reasons. The first is because I will not be thinking about not-having money for a month (or longer). Second, this money-shortage hast taught me how to organize and responsibly spend my money, so, no fancy unnecessary stuff, nothing that I actually don't need, just things that make me happy and that I really need. (Sadly, most of the things I'll buy, will be clothes).
And finishing up this blog entry, well, the recommendations for this weekend.
Music => A twisted Christmas by Twisted sister. Imagine, all of your favourites carols, but sung in a tone of heavy metal, add some heavy metal lyrics, and you end up with a heavy metal christmas. What could be better? Only heavy metal christmas with lots of beer and meat. (Although beer and meat are implicitly included in the heavy metal theme, so it doesn't really improve heavy metal christmas)
TV => Definitely "How I met your mother" I've become an addict to that show, it's quite cool, it makes you laugh, it makes you cry (yeah, I admit it, please forget that I actually said that). But most important, it catches you up. Almost instantly.
Movies => Well this sunday, I'll get to see "The last airbender" which I seriously expect to rock my world. The anime with the same title was incredible, and this real-actors spin-off is a must-see. I'll keep you posted about it.
Programming => Well, I'm almost done with learning perl, and since I'll have some money I think it'll be time for printing beginning perl for bioinformatics.
Games => Nothing so far, although I had a Halo session with my brother.
Fun => Hmmm I don't know what to put here... only the best comic strip ever (well sort of) www.phdcomics.com
That'll be all for today, expect more, and well, have a nice end-of-august!
Phrase of the day: "Any escape might help to smooth the unattractive truth"

23 Aug 2010

This rubbish country

Solo en este pais te asaltan dos veces en la misma semana bajo circunstancias diferentes, he sido bullieado este mes.

En fin, como ya es pan de todos los dias... es triste darse cuenta que ya uno esta acostumbrado. Sencillamente no deberia ser asi.

En noticias mas alegres, ya termine mis programas y mis secuencias estan por llegar, con algo de trabajo, pero empezare el doctorado con el pie derecho Awesome!

19 Aug 2010

This rubbish country

Hoy asaltaron a mi hermano :(
En este pais, las cosas funcionan de una manera muy particular. Los asaltos, la inseguridad, la situacion social... en realidad no es tan diferente de algunos paises incluso de primer mundo. Ahi tenemos por ejemplo a Killadelphia, muchas ciudades de Italia, Inglaterra, y ni se diga de europa del este. En fin, lo bueno es que mi hermano esta bien, y aunque se perdio dinero, somos trabajadores y esto solo sera un bache... Por lo que respecta a los rateros... no se ni que pensar, lo deseable es que mueran ahogandose con algo del Tang que se robaron, sin embargo tocando un poco el suelo con los pies, posiblemente el fin de semana estaran echandose unas chelas con un amigo que para variar podria ser policia, y regresar a sus "actividades laborales" el lunes sin mayor contratiempo, una tienda mas, un establecimiento... algun dia robaran a otro ratero? Estaria bastante ironico, y no dudo que pase, sin embargo, lo que si dudo, es que exista algo de remordimientos o escrupulos en este tipo de personas. Y aun asi, me pongo a pensar, "A final de cuentas son humanos (biologica y psicologicamente), por lo que un dia tendran una relacion amorosa, quiza hijos... que pasa cuando asalten a la esposa o al hijo? Sentiran lo qur yo senti cuando supe lo de mi bro?". Es mucho darle vueltas a un asunto del que posiblemente un antropologo o un psicologo podrian dar una catedra, lo importante es no perder de vista el que tenemos que salir adelante, sin embargo da mucho coraje el que haya gente que no se esfuerza lo mas minimo y nos da baje con lo poco que ganamos con mucho esfuerzo, y mas aun, que si queremos que esto pase debemos nosotros de mudarnos quiza a una zona mas segura... hasta que ya no haya zonas seguras y o seamos ladrones o victimas, sin opcion.
En fin. Ya habra tiempo de que el universo se encargue de estas gentes.

17 Aug 2010

Brave New Blog

OK. I think it is time for a renewal, sort of a revival (clearly)
I used to have a very sweet blog back in the good old days, when Microsoft ruled my computer life. Now, almost a year and a half ago, I started using Linux, and I loved it, you can actually read a previous entry, explaining the whole thing.
Now... Although It's been almost a year without having nothing to say, I decided it was time to start again. Fresh, from scratch.

And since this is like a re-opening, I should probably start with a proper introduction.

I'm Vic, a PhD student, doing some genetics, phage genomics, and hopefully tons of bioinformatics. I have a nice, cute and very smart girlfriend, also a PhD student. I'm the older of two sons, being my brother a computer-addicted good fellow. My parents have their own convenient store, and we all live in a rather big town near Mexico City.

I spend most of my time right in front of a very close friend, my so-reliable computer, an hp dv6k with an Ubuntu 10.04 linux distro. But I also work at the department of Genetics and Molecular Biology of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (it looks so fancy in English, in Spanish it just doesn't). I run a mile or two daily and I eat my veggies n_n.

This blog, among other stuff, will be covering, TV shows, Music, Books, News, Science postings, Programming, Gaming, Movies, and hopefully some fun.

Being this the first entry (yeah right), it will cover the stuff mentioned above (the rest of the entries will be only rubbish LOL #NOT)

So, please feel free to post something, although I don't have any followers yet, I wish some of you can join me.

Well, lately I've been at Cuernavaca (the eternal-spring town), and I spent some time with my friend Fabs, who, recommended me the TV Show "How I met your mother", with which I instantly fell in love, so much that I've got myself the five complete seasons _legally ;)_. Watch it, it's hilarious. Then my personal favourites, "Doctor Who," which is an awesome SciFi series, it's so cool, it has been running since 1963. Then "Survivors", which deals with a pandemic outbreak of Flu (Naah! really?), and focuses on the personal issues of a group of survivors, with flashbacks, and crossed-stories (You may think "Oh really? LOST already has done something like that", well, bad news for those who watch american-tv-shows only, Survivors got launched back in the seventies, so, it is more likely that LOST took some elements from that series (not the other way around)). "iCarly", lots of fun with those teenagers... where is my fourth season?. Last but not least "Top Gear", a very cool show about motoring. Do you have low levels of testosterone? Then don't watch it, you probably won't like it.
Nothing new, but my personal recommendations are the following:
-Rush -> Any disc, they are awesome
-King Diamond -> Abigail, a theatrical metal show, back in the eighties it was awesome, today, it still is. BTW although this production was seriously theatrical, it has a very powerful arrangements of the band, not soft stuff such as avantasia.
-Anthrax -> Spreading the disease. No words, just go buy it. 1986 revenge!
Horror tales, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Awesome, something asides from the classic sherlock holmes character
Victor Flores got his blog back.
Science postings.
bitesizebio has a very cool collection of posts concerning molecular biology and wet lab in general.
Just finished a pipeline for short genome annotation, some bash scripting and voila!, 70% annotation of a <100kb genome in less than 20 minutes.
Well, the most recent game I played was Dante's inferno, which is cool... it's not gears of war, but, it can be fun...ish
Hmmm, the last really good movie I watched was "Inception", cool concept, although at some points I felt it rather reiterative.
"Too bad you're not a helicase, 'cause if you were, you could unzip my genes" (Might not sound fun, but, jeans and genes are pronounced exactly the same, sou, a helicase can unzip my jeans (for any given purpose))

Well, that's all for tonight, don't forget to follow me at deviantart, twitter, facebook, and most mainstream sites.

Best wishes, and we'll be kept posted.