28 Aug 2010

Back to business

Well, its finally Saturday, after a week full of work and with practically no rest, I spent my Saturday watching TV. It's awesome having your favourite TV shows stored on your hard drive, and watching them at any time, with no ads, or pauses or anything.
Anyway, even though I'm really happy for what I do, either at school, or at my place, there's this void that I can't fill with anything. That void is the empty space that she left when she went away for her studies. I support her by any means possible, but it's hard to shift from seeing her every day, to just once or twice every month. I love her, more than I miss her... and that's a lot if you ask me.
Back to something more pleasant. I finally hooked someone to buy my car, so, this Sunday I'll be 10,000 MXP (less poor) richer than today. I already have something in mind for such money, and I think it'll be great, for two main reasons. The first is because I will not be thinking about not-having money for a month (or longer). Second, this money-shortage hast taught me how to organize and responsibly spend my money, so, no fancy unnecessary stuff, nothing that I actually don't need, just things that make me happy and that I really need. (Sadly, most of the things I'll buy, will be clothes).
And finishing up this blog entry, well, the recommendations for this weekend.
Music => A twisted Christmas by Twisted sister. Imagine, all of your favourites carols, but sung in a tone of heavy metal, add some heavy metal lyrics, and you end up with a heavy metal christmas. What could be better? Only heavy metal christmas with lots of beer and meat. (Although beer and meat are implicitly included in the heavy metal theme, so it doesn't really improve heavy metal christmas)
TV => Definitely "How I met your mother" I've become an addict to that show, it's quite cool, it makes you laugh, it makes you cry (yeah, I admit it, please forget that I actually said that). But most important, it catches you up. Almost instantly.
Movies => Well this sunday, I'll get to see "The last airbender" which I seriously expect to rock my world. The anime with the same title was incredible, and this real-actors spin-off is a must-see. I'll keep you posted about it.
Programming => Well, I'm almost done with learning perl, and since I'll have some money I think it'll be time for printing beginning perl for bioinformatics.
Games => Nothing so far, although I had a Halo session with my brother.
Fun => Hmmm I don't know what to put here... only the best comic strip ever (well sort of) www.phdcomics.com
That'll be all for today, expect more, and well, have a nice end-of-august!
Phrase of the day: "Any escape might help to smooth the unattractive truth"

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