16 Nov 2011


The everyday's life of the bioinformatician:
Everyone has to pay respect to a higher instance... a person, an agency, the government. But the time comes when one gets to be respected.
The thing is, that many people can't handle higher responsibilities, and power, by association.
This post does not intend to be politically or morally correct, neither is a self-important preacher... it just occurred that the writer is constantly facing people with authority issues.

Today I bought a new pair of headphones, amazing sound, comfort, and amazing design. I may not be a fashion victim... at least not in clothing, but gadgets are gadgets.

Today, thanks to an old friend of mine, I heard of a tablet with 1 Gig of RAM and a quad core processor. I know that the price is going to be sky-high, but a tablet capable of fulfilling tasks otherwise designed for proper computers... is totally worth it.

Halo Combat Evolved anniversary edition... speechless. See the last post for more (?) info.

The end of 2011 is plagued with TV shows that I really enjoy. Coming to think about it, I only spend 2 hours a week in front of the TV, so it is actually healthy entertainment. Here is my schedule (share any thoughts if you like).

  =>Mondays : How I met your mother (season 7)
  =>Tuesdays: 2 broke girls (season 1)
  =>Wednesdays: New girl (season 1)
  =>Thursdays: The big bang theory (season 5)
  =>Fridays: Modern family (season 3)
  =>Mon-Fri: Bienvenida realidad.

I'm currently (and slowly) reading three books, they all are borrowed, so I better hurry, anyways here is the synopsis.

Asimov's "Robot visions":
An amazing collection of short stories of the sci-fi genius Isaac Asimov. Many of the short stories are concerned about how robots interact with humans, and how humans tend to have extreme points of view towards robots.

Sawyer's "Calculating God":
A very interesting sci-fi novel which -unlike many others in the genre- tries to prove that there is actually an entity called god. Such an interesting combination, but it catches the attention of the readers by throwing a sub-plot in which the protagonist deals with his lung cancer.

Dawkin's "The greatest show on Earth"
Just the opposite of "Calculating God", as an impartial judge I have to say that the Dawkin's book is cold, but it does not intend to be enjoyable in a poetic way.

Concluding remarks:
The blogging hiatus is over, unfortunately it inversely correlates with me having a girlfriend, so, if you see that I suddenly stopped blogging, well you can infer that I'm dating again.
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