15 Nov 2011

A bioinformatician's day

7:00 am...
Wake up... the message in the cell phone... it wakes the bioinformatician, the dogs, and some people about three meters around.
7:05 am...
Seriously wake up
7:10 am...
A wonderful breakfast... the same thing for the past three months, but still the bioinformaticia enjoys it like the first time. Two thirds of Special-K and one third of Cheerios, twice the flavour, half the calories.
7:30 am...
Shower time... no comments
8:00 am...
Time to go to school, for the bioinformatician the day was planned as follows.
-->Half an hour of running
-->Four hours of work
-->One hour of meals
-->Four hours of work
-->Half an hour of running/abs
Seems pretty lame, but... let's see every point (perhaps it's actually pretty lame, perhaps not)
9:30 am... (Half an hour of running)
The sun is up in the clear sky (bad omen for the runner).
The bioinformatician however, manages to keep running. 1... 2... 3 miles. He gets happy, but soon enough the happiness just vanished... the men's room is closed, so he is all sweaty and probably stinky, and he has to remain like that until he reaches another men's room... sighs.
10:00 am... (Four hours of working)
By definition, the bioinformatician is the one that uses and develops methods for studying biological data in order to make biological sense from pointless, crude and cold numbers. Unlike the computational biologist that only uses the methods for studying biological data.
Still the bioinformatician is happy, he has a very powerful computer, a very colourful desktop environment, a messy but cosy desktop (an actual desktop), cool music, snacks, beverages... what else would he want?
His activities? well, let's see.
-->Social networks and e-mail -> checked
-->Writing papers and checking proposals -> checked
-->Modelling proteins -> checked
-->Providing support for lab mates -> checked
-->Configuring the lab's computer -> checked
2:00 pm... (one hour of meals)
What's the menu for the bioinformatician?
->Leftovers from the sunny Sunday ^_^ 
"Not so fancy, but delicious" he thinks, finds some good company and there it is, the typical lunch of the bioinformatician.
In the surroundings he sees every kind of rare specimen. Nerds celebrating someone's birthday, some near-plastic girls showing-off their beauty (also showing that the may not be very bright... but that's part of another story), workers trying to escape the routine, the day-after-day boredom of doing exactly the same things... every day, the passionate hippie girls, a fat hipster, a man who thinks that we don't notice that he's wearing a tupee.
So the time for the meals is more a show of nature (a suburban nature).
3:00 pm... (four hours of work... actually they were three... lazy bioinformatician)
Activities? Here they are.
-->Modelling proteins -> checked
-->Trying new software -> checked
-->Cropping pictures for a poster -> checked
-->Social networks and e-mail -> checked 
6:00 pm... (Half an hour of running/abs... which including the warm-up and the cool-down turned into almost one hour.)
Not so hot as in the morning, no clouds but no burning sun. Accompanied by a friend, all they had was the rest of the day. 1.5 miles, and 120 abs... hopefully he'll have a six pack soon.
7:00 pm... (Back to the lab, time to go home)
Was the day over for the bioinformatician? Maybe not. He found some friends, he paid a visit to someone, and they all decided to go to the movies. Time not to think about anything.
8:00 pm... (Movie theatre)
No comments...
10:00 pm... (Time to go home)
After a day of boredom, average productivity... nothing so special about the day the bioinformatician gets back home, watches TV, writes some stuff, listens to music. What else would he want?
So... taking back the question above.
Is a bioinformatician's day pretty lame or not?
Some of you might be thinking:
"It's not only lame, is the most boring thing ever"
Some of you might be thinking:
"It's lame, what is he doing all day?"
But if we see the thing very carefully we'll notice that the bioinformatician has a very comfortable schedule, no rush hours, no pressure, no one to boss him around, plenty of time for taking care of himself, his projects (whether academic or not)
So now its time for him to take a rest, because here comes the best part.
Tomorrow's going to be a different day, a bright day, a beautiful day, just as good as the one described above, maybe better.
And again. Is a bioinformatician's day pretty lame or not?
Probably not, it actually might not be the day anyone would crave for, but is rather cool, that doing what he does, he has more time to do what others cannot.
At the end of the day, the bioinformatician goes to bed thinking "That must have been the lamest blog entry ever" but has pleasant dreams, and a peaceful rest. And all due to a very productive day... in the bioinformatician's life.

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