21 Nov 2011

Crei que la luna se escondia...

The everyday's life of the bioinformatician
En realidad no me gusta tanto esa cancion... (Cenit) pero me trae recuerdos y de alguna manera es asociativa, ustedes saben a quien la asocio.
En fin, tanto va el cantaro al agua que termina por romperse, y hoy escuche la cancion... una vez mas.
Black Friday
The government of Mexico, in order to revive the national economy, launched an initative called "El buen fin" which is a mexican version of the popular Black Friday celebrated in the US (for more info follow this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Friday_(shopping) ). But what lies beneath this strategy? Is it a serious call for the consumers to revive the economy? Seriously, by offering the chance of getting more debts, the chance of misusing their credit cards, by letting the people miss the opportunity of saving money (which the companies paid in advance)? Hmmm it seems like either the people does not have a clue of what a "deal" means or that their desperation for Christmas shopping is reaching new levels, or both. Asides from the grinch attitude, the Christmas shopping issue it's a serious problem among the mexican population. Some five years ago Christmas shopping started by the end of November, so we could have 15 days for saving money and spend it all in the following month (from middle December to middle January). But nowadays, Christmas shopping starts on November the 3rd. WTF!! at this rate, in fifteen years we will have summer Christmas shopping season. Please consider my grinch attitude as an example of what shouldn't be don.... ouuu what a wonderful game I just saw on Amazon.com. I'll buy it tight away! Credit card: do your thing!
Lately I've been insanely listening to "The suburbs" by Arcade fire. I used to criticize all the people who liked this band (mainly hipsters) and I came to the conclusion that the band was seriously overrated. I still think that they are overrated, but their talent is undeniable. A nice recommendation
It's been a while since I wrote a script or modified the source code for a program... this week I feel like programming AVS again, expect something like the FoxTV ad but instead of ellipses, there will be gene arrows, you know my style so probably a pastel palette, well defined lines and a clear background with gray shadows for the upper elements. Just give me two weeks.

That would be all for today. Keep logged in, I'll post more entries on technology, books, and TV shows.

Just for entertaining purposes, I'll leave you with one of my favourite quotes:

--->So long and thanks for all the fish<---
             -The dolphins-

(minutes before the earth was blown by a fleet of Vogon vessels)

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