15 Nov 2011

Halo: Combat Evolved

Ten years ago, Microsoft Game Studios and Bungie brought to us The Game.
Halo: Combat evolved was not only a first person shooter, it was a revolution itself.
Halo had it all: A great story, amazing graphics (for that time), a gameplay never seen before. But most important, it had the guts to pave the road for a whole new generation of very successful games such as Area 51, Lost Planet, Shadowrun, and many others outside the Xbox Universe.
Tonight I wasn't playing Halo: Combat Evolved with Anthon van Suikerbuik, tonight I was rememberig what is like to have seventeen years old and being worried about nothing but kicking some covenant's ass.
Thank you Microsoft Game Studios, thank you Bungie, thank you Xbox, you made such a happy boy ten years ago as well as you made now.

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  1. q tienen esos juegitos q a todos los niños les gustan??? o_O'