18 Nov 2011

Of happiness, sadness and other emotions

The everyday's life of the bioinformatician
Most of us have faced a situation in which we are either extremely happy or extremely miserable. In any case we get to our friends or significant others to share our happiness or our misery. But... what happens when we get so deep in our emotions and so unable (or unwilling) to share our emotions?
Some people tend to become hermits, some people tend to become attention-whores and some others emotional outsiders. I was at some place hearing one of my friends reciting a passage from a book, she used to be (or still is) depressed for some past-love. I wonder in which category she belongs... probably not an attention whore, but, who knows?
Spare time and leisure
Today I went for chicken wings with some friends of mine. The place was cool but not awesome, the drinks were cold and the women were hot (Just as the parties that Groucho Marx used to like). So... if you have some 200 MXP, some spare time, a couple of friends, and a whim for chicken wings you can go to Liverpool avenue and Amberes avenue to the wing stop chicken wings restaurant. You won't regret visiting the place. And if for some reason you get bored, there's always the Rose Zone in which you can have lots of fun at night.
Fedora 16 is out there, it's been a week since the final release and it is incredible.
First of all it includes the new version of the Linux Kernel.
Second, it has gnome3 with an amazing desktop integration taking many of the features of the past versions of gnome, combined with features from KDE, OSX and taking advantage of the Dbus libraries.
Third, it has the support of the very best linux distribution, red hat.

Well that'd be all for today. Not much to say this week.

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